Yamaha c3 motor swap

To celebrate my third year riding my Yamaha C3, I decided to void the rest of the warranty and tune up the performance a bit. The most important thing to initially know about tuning up the C3 is that you must remove the restrictor washer. For example, I bought a new set of roller weights and had them put in before the restrictor had been removed. Not useful. The next step is to replace the roller weights as discussed in the movie I linked above. The roller weights help control how fast the CVT gear ratio shifts.

Lighter weights give you better acceleration and theoretically lower top-end speed, while heavier weights slow the increase in the gear ratio, sacrificing low-end power for higher top speed. With the C3, one of your more serious problems is slowing down when going uphill, so I believe that, in general, lighter weights are what you want.

Pulley sliding roller weights, which are a different shape that gives you more top-end simply by allowing the plate to move further. My current Dr. Pulley weights are probably around 3. Also note that while the stock roller weights may not entirely wear out, after 12, miles mine showed serious signs of uneven wear with several weights having multiple areas that had been rubbed flat.

Finally, your tires are important. I replaced the stock C3 tires with Michelin Reggae tires the stock tire on the Zuma after the stock tires wore out. This turned out to be something of a problem — I lost mph on the top end, going from being able to hit to being stuck around 39mph this was before de-restricting and replacing the roller weights.

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I believe that the Reggaes have a significantly higher rolling resistance, which accounts for the slower acceleration and lower top speed. This is my current line of research, and will probably end in calling the tire companies and trying to get the information directly. Once you get the hang of it, the whole thing only takes about 10 minutes to take apart.

You need:. The hardest part is getting the variator bolt off — I had to use a length of PVC pipe to give myself enough leverage to get that 17mm bolt off, and it took me a few minutes to get the strap wrench set properly to allow that leverage to be used.

Pulley weights and compare those to the shaved 4g ones I have in there now. After that, I should have the tire research finished and a new set of tires on order.Make Other Makes. Model Yamaha C3. Yamaha C3 scooter, well balanced single model,beautiful tone of red, the only adult owner, bought new, and all the mechanics followed by Yamaha. Water CooledFuel injectionAutomatic, electric Starter, and auxiliary kick starter, gaz gauge, luggage compartment under the seat, very economical, comfortable and very reliable.

Yamaha Quality, renowned Japanese product. Make Yamaha. This Yamaha C3 Scooter is the perfect around town vehicle. Unlike other scooters, this has very roomy under the seat storage. Can carry a gallon of milk and other groceries pretty easily.

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It climbs hills at a decent speed as well. Have taken it over the notch without issue. Awesome little scooter with brand new tires and a fresh service. Runs out great.

Tuesday-Friday Saturday Closed Sunday and Monday. Steve's Cycle since ' Same location, proudly serving AZ.

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This is a Yamaha C3 50cc scooter. The title is in hand and clean. The school year is approaching and would make an excellent commuter. This vehicle has been garage kept. This is an M1 Classified motorcycle and is street legal only, no freeways.

Top speedmph. All the components are working-turn signals, lights, horn etc. All servicing has been kept up on this vehicle. It does have miles on it. This is going to be a hot item especially as the school year edges closer.Bringing you the top brands, products and packages to transform your scooter.

yamaha c3 motor swap

Our team will put a custom package together to take the guess work out of scooter performance. If you want to go all out, and want the best of the best this is it. View full product details. FINALLY, if your looking to ditch the blinkers on the back of your zuma, and run a slick, clean setup here's your ticket.

This complete taillight unit, comes with blinkers, We got our Jdm taillights back.

Engine swap on a Yamaha C3/Giggle/VOX. Is this one possible?

These will fit the Honda elite sa50, These eliminate your stock blinkers and tail, and allows you to flush the light assembly These cnc levers are DISK brake for elites, honda dio, and honda ruckus, when running If you want the power of the C16, but you dont want to ditch your center stand, this is the ticket for you.

This is a re designed c16, to The top performances racing kit for the zuma, not only packs a punch, but its also a single ring, cast iron built, quality cylinder. This kit will need a good Now offering complete engine packages. It's a step up from the polini contessa kit. Be prepared to ride wheelies and pick This is a fresh batch, direct from italy. Not a replica, not a copy. The real deal. Stock is limited on these, all with carbon kevlar silencers. Be aware, if Brand new Polini CP carbs.View full product details.

If your looking for a quality, simple. This setup requires ZERO machine work. This setup includes the following Reasonably priced performance exhaust for the GY6 Sourced from one of the most reputable Taiwanese exhaust manufacturers, this exhaust works for all sport style Comes with fancy hardware!

Pretty much necessary on any gy6 build. Comes with stator and flywheel. SSS now offers plug and play ruckus GY6 wiring harnesses. No more ghetto work, and unreliable electrical. We take a new, This also removes the rev limiter. Plug and play gains for everyone! Nice bliiet casing to take the The ultimate variator for your GY6 transmission!

This beauty is lighter than any other variator on the market and at mm, is ideal for all types of riding. The teflon The ultimate variator for your Dio or GY6 50cc transmission! This beauty is lighter than any other variator on the market and at mm, is ideal for all types ofJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Although the Yamaha C3 or XF50 didn't receive a great reception in the United States, it is growing in popularity and your [or future] C3 is a thing to be appreciated.

The C3 is a transition from the sport or race inspired design we see in things such as the Zuma from Yamaha. This vehicle is a reliable and functional one with its larger under-seat storage compartment and 50cc 4-stroke engine similar to the one found in the newer Zuma 50F.


Like many other Yamaha engines, you get at least what you pay for in reliability and performance. Read more. The Yamaha C3 is a simple and functional two-wheeler; great for getting you around town and carry what you need to in it's larger than most compartments.

But who says you have to settle with just those benefits? We can help you get the extra oomph you want out of the little 50cc its packing. And if that's not your style, we can make it your style by design with things such as a new control setup, low pro mirrors, improve your brakes, or just upgrade to better parts to extend the life and reliability of your C3, take care of it, and it's sure to return the favor.

yamaha c3 motor swap

Call Us You have no items in your shopping cart. Vehicle Models. Yamaha C3 Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Read more The Yamaha C3 is a simple and functional two-wheeler; great for getting you around town and carry what you need to in it's larger than most compartments. Items 1 to 32 of total. Sort By Position Name Price. Show 16 32 64 All per page. Out of stock. Motul DOT 5. Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next.

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yamaha c3 motor swap

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Yamaha C3 Scooter Motorcycles for sale

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Yes, I would like to receive news and special offers. Account Creation Successful. The Yamaha Parts and Accessories ecommerce store is administered on behalf of participating Yamaha dealerships.

In order to place an online order you must select a Yamaha dealer in which to do business with. Continue Shopping Find a Dealer. Please click here to open in new page Close.This guide will assist you in making a seamless LS engine swap. Since every LS engine swap is a little different and there are lot of choices to be made, you can use this guide as a reference for ideas and part numbers as you move through the process.

You will find options and recommendations for motors and motor mounts, transmissions and flex plates, accessory drives, wiring and computer systems, oil pans, steam tubes, gauges, fuel systems, exhaust systems and carb conversions.

We hope that this guide will make your LS swap as simple as possible. Disclaimer: This guide is intended for informational purposes only. You will need to verify everything for your own specific needs and the vehicle being worked on.


The information here is for general application. The specific LS engine you choose to start with will depend mostly on the budget you have to work with. Choosing an engine all comes down to what your particular goals are in making an LS swap and how much you want to spend. For most, a junk yard 5. They are cheap, readily available in any junk yard, and you can make decent power with just a cam swap.

The next step up in price is the all aluminum LS1 engine. This LS engine was first released in the Corvette, and is still a popular option because of the design which makes it small, durable and light.

The LS3 was first released in the Corvette and was the most powerful Corvette engine to date. The motor mount adapter plates are the foundation to a successful LS swap.

Adapter plates bolt onto the LS engine block, allowing you to bolt the engine securely to the crossmember. There are adjustable and stock location adapter plates available also known as 1-inch setback plates. Stock location refers to the point where the transmission meets the engine. When mounting the engine, keep in mind that the mating point for an LS engine has a different distance from the transmission than the mating point for a SBC engine.

Most car applications require the LS engine to be moved forward due to firewall clearance issues with the passenger side cylinder head. We offer adapter plates for both of these applications. The answer: Yes. You can keep your factory low mount AC compressor. However, no adapter plates on the market will fit properly. To use the factory low-mount AC compressor you will have to notch the crossmember frame to make it fit.

C3 Upgrades available from MRP

This is because the LS AC compressor and bracket hang directly in the way of your factory crossmember. This is the case on all GM car applications. After choosing which LS engine you will be using for the LS engine swap, you need to pick which transmission you want to run behind it. These are economically adequate choices. However, these transmissions require a flexplate adapter to work with the LS series flexplate.

yamaha c3 motor swap

We offer this adapter in our carb conversion section of our store. Check out the flexplate section below for more information on this. We highly recommend the GM 4L60E transmission over a traditional 3 speed automatic. The 4L60E transmission provides an ideal driving experience to match the price point.

Usually they are not needed unless you have a built engine. For those of you who want to bang through the gears for an exciting driving experience, we recommend the T56 or TR transmissions. With the correct flywheel and clutch sourced from the donor vehicle of your transmissioneither of these transmissions can easily bolt up to any LS engine you are using. To get around this, just swap the old bellhousing out for the GM bellhousing. This particular flywheel is. Adapter brackets are available from Street and Performance and Detroit Speed for mounting the hydraulic master cylinder to the firewall behind the brake booster.

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